Web design services

Why do you need a professional business website?

Do you know any well known brand without a proper business website?

Google search is widely used by users seeking solutions and services for their problems.
The web page is necessary for all business:

  • People will find you easily. People interested in you or in the products and services will find you easily without you having to do anything!
  • Your physical store is open only during business hours, but your website, or web store is open every minute of the day.
  • Most people – if they want to buy something – search the Internet first, because it is convenient.
  • Expand your market! Having a web page gives you the opportunity to reach more customers.
  • Serve your customers better by providing all the information so they won’t need to wait for a brochure
  • If you are a freelancer or you have a company, you can benefit from having a website. If you need a web page to market your products you need a web store (e-commerce website).
  • Digital marketing allows a lower investment and a higher return on investment

A Facebook page is also an important element, as well as the website. One can not replace the other, in fact they help each-other.

Why does your business need to have a website or a webshop?

There are a lot of reasons, here are some of them:

  • you are always visible and you have free advertising
  • one more ‘shop’ beside the existing one (for example a pizza delivery online webshop)
  • you have a big chance to get new customers
  • you can have a reference catalog about your products

…and we can continue the list, but most importantly:
You will loose a very big slice of your sales  if you don’t have a professional website which gets the new customers for you automatically!*
*SEO is advisable to boost this process

What does it mean to have new customers automatically?

​Unfortunately, after a website or webshop has been created, it gets into a “passive” state.​ Nobody modifies the website, there is no marketing and the products are not properly uploaded onto the website / online webshop.

However, in spite of the things above it can happen that some people find you saying : ‘I saw your page on Google’ or ‘I was browsing the Internet and I found your website’.

Why is this?

Because whatever you upload on the Internet, it stays there.
If your search engine-friendly professional website is finished – such as what we do – search engines will notice it and list it among the hits.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that your webpage will be in the first place of the first page because saying this irresponsible. But your site is accessible so people can find it.

You can further increase this chance with our “normal” seo optimization  or premium rate search engine optimization (SEO).
If you do not want to spend extra money on search engine optimization, we recommend you to have a search engine friendly website.

What is search engine friendly website?

Creating a modern website… yes, that is simple.
For us the basic features of a professional website or online webshop are:

  • It is responsive. In other words the webpage looks well on any device, depending on the screen size and orientation of the device being used.
  • It can be further developed, extended any time (for example with plus modules)
  • It can be easily edited by the web page owner (you)
  • It can easily cope with pictures and videos
  • It is ready for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • It is connected with Google tools – at minimum,
  • A deep SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be done any time

We’ve already taken websites and webshops several times that worked great but they were not prepared for simple things like editing the meta descriptions for the pages from the administration interface (this is an important factor in SEO). 

If your website is finished, what more can be done?

Plenty of things. 🙂 

For example, in the case of a webshop  to create price cuts, optimize the products to be found, create marketing optimized newsletters and send them etc.
Do you know that if you don’t want to spend time with these, we will do it for you? We have a contract form for maintaining your web page for a reduced price.

How much is a professional website?

The price depend on a lot of things you want, but to give you a starting point, for EUR 250 we can make you a “minimal”  professional website
which consists of:

  • Creating a website based using the design we agreed.
  • Creating and uploading 5 pages (for example: Home, Products, About Us, Reviews, Contact) with the text you send (A4 page text with 3-4 pictures / page)
  • Create one form (for example: contact form)
  • Google Analytics linking (website statistics: who, how many, where, etc., visit this page)
  • You can edit your a professional website anytime using the Administrator area

Of course, what we have written above is an approximate price. You may not need to have a contact form, but we can create a picture gallery for you instead.