Online webshop – webshop design

When do you need an online webshop?

You need an online webshop and not a website when:

  • If you have more than ten products to sell
  • If you want to automate your sale process 
People use less and less the traditional shops preferring online webshops because: 
  • They lose a lot of time by travelling, looking at the products and standing in the queue
  • They tend to forget the prices they saw in the previous shops, so they cannot compare them properly
  • They are under pressure, because they  want to visit every shop and see everything
  • They meet a lot of strangers whom they might not like

On the other hand online webshops are preferred by people because:

  • They can easily compare the prices
  • They can choose variety of the same product faster and easier like designs, sizes, colors
  • They will save money and time because they don’t need to use their car for travelling, they don’t need to find parking places, wait for the staff in the shop, wait in the queue etc.
  • They can buy a product as a gift and send it immediately to that person 
  • They can see the spent money all the time during shopping – in the shopping cart.
    On the contrary in a traditional shop one doesn’t really know how much the items’ total  cost is.
When someone buys from an online webshop, the system will store information about it. This means, he or she can be reached later, making that person buy again! There are proven methods for remarketing.
An online webshop helps you automate many things, so you have to spend less time and you can get better results.

Even a small traditional shop, if it has a good online store and does the proper marketing, can get excellent results!

How much is an online webshop?

An online webshop starts from EUR 500, depending on the extra modules and optional programming.

We always create a search engine friendly professional websites and online webshops  but if you want real optimization, then click here if you want to know what is a successful search engine optimization (SEO).

These modules are available for websites and webshops (the list is not finished yet) :

Attention! The list is not complete, but we are constantly expanding it.

There are some sophisticated modules for different tasks but it is very hard describing them here.Because of this, it is better to talk about them so there wouldn’t be any misunderstandings.

We can connect the webshop with another software e.g. Stock management sytem or Crm program if needed.